Skin Cancer

What Are Some Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

What Are Some Symptoms Of Skin Cancer (1)

Skin cancer is a common condition that affects people of all skin types even those with dark tones. It primarily affects the parts that are exposed to the sun like face, lips, neck, arms, hands, lips, and chest. Since the signs develop in areas that can be noted quickly, it can be very simple to note any unusual changes and as a result, treat them early. However, skin cancer in people with dark skin tones develops in areas not exposed to the sun such as palms, anus, soles of feet and other regions. There are various changes that occur on one’s body but is essential to understand what are some symptoms of skin cancer. Anyone who finds any suspicious changes can seek consultation from a physician to reduce the severity of the condition.

  • What are the symptoms of skin cancer?

What Are Some Symptoms Of Skin Cancer (3)Kaposi sarcoma, Merkel cell, and sebaceous gland carcinoma are some of the prevalent symptoms of skin cancer. Skin darkening around the anus is another serious symptom that is closely linked to cause cancer. Dark lesions with irregular portions and borders typically occur on membranes lining the anus. The condition also results from an increase in thickening and irritation around the anal region or genetic disorders. Other causes include lack of proper hygiene, food allergy, increased aggressiveness in anal sex and pin worms among others.

  • Treatment of anal skin darkening

Anal bleaching is a commonly used treatment of anal skin darkening. It refers to the process of administering cosmetic products to lighten the color of the skin around the anal region. It is done to make the color uniform with the other areas. Various anal bleaching creams are used to treat the condition. The creams are easy to use as one rubs it gently on the affected areas by using their fingers. Anal bleaching requires the advice of an experienced practitioner as it involves the bleaching of a delicate area—anus. Lightening diagnosis must be carried out to determine the most effective treatment for the procedure.

  • Preparations for anal bleaching

What Are Some Symptoms Of Skin Cancer (2)Various cosmetic creams are used for lightening darkened skin. Some of them are Hydroquinone (HQ), Kojic acid, trichloroacetic acid and Azelaic acid. HQ is available in most cosmetic stores. Its improvements occur after 4-6 weeks of use. It has been found to be safe and efficient in lightening darkened anus.

Symptoms of skin cancer are easy to notice, and it is advisable to consult the doctor whenever one notices them, anal darkening being one of them. It affects both young and old and can be severe if not treated early.