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  • January 12, 2015

Health Foods You Should Eat Daily (3)

Many can agree with me that the kind of eating lifestyle we choose determines how our health life would be.

In most cases when people want to eat certain foods, they find themselves in a dilemma; they don’t know what to cook and eat. Due to this, many people find it difficult maintain the well-balanced diet. This leaves them with no choice but blacklisting some of the foods with essential nutrients and go for their favorites. If you are that kind of affected person, I have come up with a list of foods that should be in your mindset to help you choose the health foods you should eat daily.


Eggs are rich in proteins. Proteins help in cell growth and repair of body tissues. Most importantly than all other proteins, an egg has an antioxidant lutein compound which is ideal for protection of an eye from having muscular degeneration. The lutein in an egg is found in the york. The reason why an egg is more considered in providing this compound is that it is easily digested and absorbed into the blood stream. An egg can be either fried or boiled if you want to eat it.

2.Whole wheat pastaHealth Foods You Should Eat Daily (1)

This mainly includes cereals in a meal. These grains have a compound called polyphenol which constrains the chances of having high blood pressure and some heart attack diseases. They have an enormous amount of fiber which can easily do away with cholesterol. One can eat wheat baked bread and pancakes.


Beans is another great food you should not assume when having an excellent meal diet. From an outstanding research that have been done, beans have phytochemical compounds which wipe out radicals in the blood by cleansing cells and body DNA.


If you are a yogurt lover, then I bet you are doing well. A yogurt is rich in vitamin B, which helps in destroying free radicals in our cells. This prevents us from having heart diseases and cancer-related diseases respectively.

5.Organic milk

If you are used to taking regular milk, I suggest you switch to organic milk. This milk is rich in vitamin E, carotene and lutein compounds. If you do not do well in drinking milk, cheese and butter can do the same duty in your body.

6.Natural sweeteners

Some sweeteners like honey, molasses, maple syrup and brown sugar have high levels of antioxidants which are of great significant to your body than refined sugars.


Popcorn has high levels of polyphenol compounds which are very powerful in fighting the incurable cancers.

Health Foods You Should Eat Daily (2)8.Fruits

Fruits like apples, pineapple, oranges, strawberries and mangoes have polyphenol compounds which are very helpful in fighting free radicals in human cells.

To avoid blacklisting the type of food you eat, I suggest you should have a balanced diet timetable containing some of these foods mentioned above to improve your health life.…